Criée ICE Wine and Champagne reach the best serving temperature faster when buckets are filled with our “Criée” ice!
"La Criée", a French word that means "auction", is used to define this granular type of ice, perfect for fresh fish display on ice, as it moisturizes and refrigerates to perfection all fresh products. "Criée", or granular ice, is obtained by freezing water at negative temperature just below zero degrees Celsius.

With the "Criée" ice we offer the best possible form of ready-to-use refrigeration and re-hydration for displayed fresh food. "Criée" ice has a quantity of residual (unfrozen) water of 25%, hence it is high in humidity, capable of transferring moisture onto the products which are being refrigerated. Fresh fish is not the only product which is best kept on "Criée" ice: hotels use it for their buffet service, displaying fresh fruit as well as any fresh produce, presenting and maintaining freshness and colors at their best for longer periods of time.