Bistrot CUBES Enhanced flavour, greater eye-appeal, altogether a much better drink!
Massive (no "hole"!), thimble shaped, transparent and absolutely pure: this is the Bistrot cube. The Bistrot ice cube, the best for slow-melting, enhances the flavor of drinks, keeping the temperature of your drink chilled for a longer period of time.

Bistrot ice cubes are formed inside thimble shaped capsules, positioned horizontally as part of the evaporator assembly, on which water is jet-sprayed in an upward flow. Hence ice cubes are formed only by the purest water molecules, the first to freeze as temperature reaches zero degrees Celsius. Water minerals (that freeze at lower temperatures) are "washed away" and drop back into the water sump. They are then discharged prior to the start of a new freezing cycle. As a result of this process, pure, minerals-free, tastless and odorless Bistrot ice cubes are formed.