Storage Bins to be used with modular ice machines Rule-of-thumb advice to select the appropriate ice storage bin, based upon the modular ice machine selected as well as on specific ice requirements.
In general, which are the highest hours during the day in terms of ice consumption? “Happy hour” and evening hours.
One should size the ice machine and storage bin accordino to peak demand cycles. As a general rule, the ice storage capacity (ice bin) should be approx. half of the daily ice production capacity of the machine.

The ice machine stops the moment that the ice storage is full, and as long as ice is not drawn from it. Hence, if ice consumption is leveled during the entire day, there will not be the need for a large storage bin.Vice-versa, if ice consumption goes through “peaks & valleys”, best option is to have the largest possible storage capacity, up to the production capacity of the machine, if possible. Under normal conditions, once the storage bin is at least 50% of the daily production capacity, should one start from an empty machine, the risk of production interruptions for “bin full” condition during closing hours will be avoided.